Josh <strong>W.</strong>
«I have been a member for over 4 years and I have never been disappointed with the products, pricing, and staff. Especially with my Dad who is homebound and since introducing Medical Marijuana he has had a dramatic difference from the use of products; syrup, flower, and oil syringes are his daily regimen, which replaced two medications for pain and psychiatrist.»

Josh W.

Kimberly <strong>S.</strong>
«.Epic Remedy is my favorite shop. They are always on the ball to help you out when needed. Great customer service and knowledge of their products»

Kimberly S.

Michael <strong>W.</strong>
«These guys know their stuff and it shows in their medicine. The love is all-round with Epic Remedy.»

Michael W.

Heather <strong>J.</strong>
«ER is hands down one of the great dispensaries. They’re always friendly and their flower is on point as well! Come in & I promise you Conrad, Kyle, and their staff will take wonderful care of you!»

Heather J.

Joel <strong>L.</strong>
«This place is my new home. Quality product and friendly staff.»

Joel L.

Alina <strong>M.</strong>
«Best service and help! They really know what is best for you and are so knowledgeable.»

Alina M.

Karmin <strong>S.</strong>
«My first time going in I was helped by Conrad. Awesome guy! I usually go for concentrates and he showed me all they had to offer. Coming from a dispo with minimal choices with concentrates, I felt like a kid in a candy store! He pointed out some AMAZING live resins that are carried and I must say, you guys have my membership coming your way!»

Karmin S.

Luke <strong>D.</strong>
«Great place. I like the selection of wax and shatter. The staff def know how to take care of there patients. I shop and save everytime.»

Luke D.

Stephen <strong>M.</strong>
«They got the best selection of flowers and concentrates all the time for the BEST prices in town. Also the budtenders are always giving out the best customer service.»

Stephen M.

Erin <strong>K.</strong>
«I’ve gone here for a long time I love the product. They source their own wax too so they’ve got low prices on real quality meds!! They always have discount bag of bud that’s leftover and I honestly cannot say enough good stuff about this place!»

Erin K.

Stacey <strong>H.</strong>
«John was my bud tender and he’s the best! I’m excited every time I get him. He’s very informative on strains and how they’ll hit you. I hope he never leaves!!»

Stacey H.

«I really like thus place. It was the first dispencery I went to after i got my med card. I really love the consistacy of the concentrates here. The flower is bomb too. I've always had real good experiences here, I like the staff and I plan on continuing to shop here.»


​3995 N Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, 80917
Mon-Fri: 10:00am-7:00pm

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