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Our Premier Manufacturing Process

From greenhouse to lab, we produce top-quality cannabis in Colorado Springs, CO. The Epic Remedy (or commonly known as the “ER”) grows and processes our own flower right here in Colorado Springs. To stock our medical dispensaries, we make a

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  1. #1 Manufacturing Facility
  2. 2 Dedicated Owners
  3. 3 Convenient Locations

The Epic Remedy Dispensary

We grow, process and supply Colorado Spring’s best variety of top-quality, clean medicinal cannabis

Since 2015, The Epic Remedy (also known as the “ER”) has served Colorado Springs as a boutique medical cannabis dispensary centered around quality, variety and service. We currently own three dispensaries and four state-of-the-art grow warehouses, which total roughly 25,000 SqFt of premium cultivation space.

Because we manage the entire manufacturing process from harvest to lab, The Epic Remedy delivers unique benefits, including optimal quality control, selection and innovation. Every month, our team of agriculturists innovatively and naturally alter strain genetics to provide customers a diverse and cutting-edge selection of concentrates and products. Then, our dispensary staff is thoroughly trained on the products to better serve patients.

At the ER, our focus is delivering top-shelf medicinal cannabis at competitive prices and with unbeatable service.

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How It Works?

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How to get Discounted Pricing
If you suffer from an aliment we recommend you search a qualified MMJ Doctor to secure a MMJ Medical Card.
How to know what's Right for You
At Epic Remedy we have a well informed staff that can help you navigate through your various options.
When should I consult a Doctor
If you're not sure what products to take, we recommend seeking advise from a Medical professional.
Enjoy Your Life
In addition to medical benefits, at the Epic Remedy locations we offer a wide variety of recreational products to suit your individual needs.

Why Choose The Epic Remedy

Quality, Variety & Service

Top-Quality Cannabis
We grow 50+ pesticide-free cannabis strains to produce our own lines of clean, premium products, including flower, wax, shatter, live diamonds, vape pens, edibles, topicals and CBD.

Locally Grown & Processed
Highly experienced agriculturists and extractors operate our state-of-the-art cultivation facilities here in Colorado Springs. There, we produce the city’s largest variety of concentrates.

Highly Trained Canna-Tenders
Our team of canna-tenders are trained on every medical product we sell to ensure all patients leave The Epic Remedy feeling like they received the best-possible service and advice.

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• $1 Joint or sunglasses & a lighter

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• Free T-Shirt & 15% off edible purchase • 2 Joints $1

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• Free hat or beanie plus shirt and lighter

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• $10 store credit

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• Free 1/8th or gram of wax & hat or beanie

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• ½ oz for $25 or hoodie & hat

4000 Points



• 1,000mg pen and battery plus hat or beanie

5000 Points



• Buy ½ and get ½ free or buy a gram of Live get 2g free, or hoodie & t-shirt plus your choice of hat or beanie

​3995 N Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, 80917
Mon-Fri: 10:00am-7:00pm

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