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From greenhouse to lab, we produce top-quality cannabis in Colorado Springs, CO.

The Epic Remedy (or commonly known as the “ER”) grows and processes our own flower right here in Colorado Springs. To stock our medical dispensaries, we make a huge selection of high-quality cannabis products, which originate in our four naturally maintained greenhouses.

Our state-of-the-art indoor cannabis grow systems total roughly 25,000 SqFt and are helmed by seasoned agriculturists. They cultivate our 50+ pesticide-free cannabis strains, which regularly evolve as we innovatively and naturally alter strand genetics. ER’s cultivation facilities and advanced horticultural practices help ensure our plants maintain a wide spectrum of cannabinoids and full terpene profiles.

After harvesting the flower, The Epic Remedy’s expert extractors uniquely control the preserve of the product throughout the extraction process. We use the latest equipment and rigorous quality-control standards to ultra-refine our cannabis for premium quality and high potency. One way we do this is by running the material immediately after the harvest so there’s less oxygenation of the cannabinoids. As a result, our products continuously test to zero parts/million.

In the end, The Epic Remedy produces and sells our own wax, shatter, live diamonds, vape pens, CBD, hash, flower, topicals and more. Our edibles are supplied by premium candy-makers and chocolatiers to ensure excellent quality and taste.

Quality Control
It’s our meticulous research, unwavering passion and rigorous quality-control standards that ensure our processes produce the highest-quality cannabis products.

We grow and process our own plants to produce truly unique concentrates and products exclusively sold at The Epic Remedy.

Our team of agriculturists and extractors tap into decades of experience – and state-of-the-art equipment – to produce cutting-edge products. This includes the the use of Hydrocarbons.

Extensive Variety
The Epic Remedy sells the widest variety of concentrates in Colorado Springs. Our cannabis selection includes everything from flower to CBD to edibles.

Excellent Service
Our team knows our products so well because we make them in-house. Our budtenders are trained on every product to deliver expert guidance and excellent service to every patient.

The ER’s team knows our inventory so well because we make nearly all of our products in-house. Our budtenders are trained on every product to deliver expert guidance and excellent service to every patient.